How to buy a Calling Card online and how do I receive it? has made it easy for you to buy the calling card online. Simply follow the procedure listed below:
1. Login with your name and password if you are a member. If not you can create a new account which will take less than 2 minutes.
2. Choose the card you want and add it to your shopping cart.
3. Click on "Checkout".
4. Check the contents of your chart and then select "buy" if the invoice is correct. If not modify the cart. Click the "submit" button.
5. You can pay for your order using VISA/ MASTERCARD/SOLO/SWITCH cards (wire transfer for large orders).
6. If your payment has been approved, your order will be processed.

Can I create more than one account?
No. You can create only one account .

I am a reseller, and a large volume buyer. Can I get any discounts?
Yes, we work with resellers/large volume retailers/ebay sellers and supply cards to them direct. If you are a affiliate, retailer or a ebay reseller and your volume of cards is over £1000 per week then please contact customer service to open a trade account with us.

Why is my credit card declined / rejected?
We have an automatic address verification system in place. If your card is rejected or declined please make sure that you have entered the correct information and it matches with your credit card billing information. If your card still is declined please contact your credit card issuer bank or send an email to or get in touch with our customer support executives and we would be happy to provide more information.

How do I choose the best card from your site?
There’s usually a trade-off between per-call charges (connection fee) and per-minute charges. The higher the per-call charge is, the lower the per-minute charge usually is. If you make a lot of long calls, go with the higher per-call rate. If you make short calls, the higher per-minute cards are probably better for you.

How many minutes on my card?
The minutes' amount depends on destination you call, because different countries have different rates. Card manufacturers advertise their rates on our website, please refer to the rates on the card description on the site.

How can I check the minutes/balance on my card?
You'll be informed how many minutes you have after a destination number will be entered. With some cards you'll be notified about your balance after a PIN will be entered.

What if I call few different countries?
You can usually use the same card for any domestic or international destination. After you select the desired destination you'll see the cards ranked according to the best rate. For several destinations check the rates for each destination and buy an appropriate card. A card with the best rate to one country can still have low rates to other countries.

What if I forgot my password?
Click Forgot password link . Enter e-mail address you registered with, and you will receive your password to the specified e-mail.

Is there any connection charge?
The connection charge is a nominal amount that is deducted from your card every time you place a call. You get the best rates if you use a card without disconnecting the line as you pay the connection charges only once. The connection charge varies by country and denomination. Connection charges are deducted as soon as the line is connected.

Can a card be recharged? Can I get the same PIN when its time runs out?
No. Once a card runs out, a new PIN has to be purchased. A new PIN is issued with each Card Purchase.

Do you accept Paypal?
We prefer UK Debit cards for instant PIN delivery. We can only accept Paypal if you have a verified Paypal account. Please contact customer support and verifiy your details to enable the feature.

If my card expires can I be reimbursed for the unused portion of the card?
No, All our sales are final. We do not issue refunds. Please check our refund policy for more information.

How can we contact you in case I havent received my PINS instantly?
You can email us or you can get in touch via livechat or call us.

Is it safe to use my credit for online purchase in your website?
We use Secpay / Paypoint to process our payments. Our Security technology makes it possible for sensitive data to be safely transmitted over the Internet; the information is encrypted using proprietary and secure socket layer (SSL) t echnology.

When will I receive my pins?
Once your account is fully active, you will be receiving your pins immediately after your payment has been made. It will be sent to your email address or you can view in the ‘My Phonecards’ secton of the website.

Once I purchase a phone card, how do I use it?
Once you purchase a phone card from us you will receive an email message providing you with a toll-free access number, PIN and a customer service number. Simply, call the toll-free access number, enter your PIN and then dial the phone number of the destination you wish to call.


Will I be charged an extra fee when I use my calling card from a pay phone?
Yes. It will vary from card to card, we urge you to call the appropriate phonecard customer services for more details.

What should I do if I have a problem with my call such as sound quality, difficult to connect and etc.?
If you have technical problems, please contact directly to customer services for each calling card company. If you have any problem with the order please email us or call our customer service agent for help. We are willing to assist you as many times as you need.